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Professional Publications
My professional writings include 5 books on sociology and over 25 scholarly articles in journals such as Journal of Marriage and the Family and the Sociological Quarterly. I have published over 80 articles in newspapers and magazines such as The Los Angeles Examiner, News day, The Wall Street Journal and The Sacramento Bee.

A Sample of My Work
Aliens and the Law



How To Reward Criminals

9/11 America and the World

Post-Communist Hungary


The Impact of Modern Life on the Family

Totalitarianism v.s. Authoritarianism

U.S. Still Number One

Violent Crime and Emergency Medicine

What is the Mind?

The Transsexual Phenomenon In A Changing Culture

Readings in Criminology (By Tom Kando and Judson R. Landis) [Kendall-Hunt, 1995]

Leisure and Popular Culture in Transition [C.V.Mosby,1980; 1975] Japanese Edition, 1979

Sexual Behavior and Family Life [Elsevier, 1978]

Social Interaction [C.V. Mosby, 1977]

Sex Change: The Achievement of Gender Identity among Feminized Transsexuals [Charles Thomas, 1973]